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Waarden en aantrekkelijkheid / schoonheid

Naomi WOLF (1991/2002) The beauty myth - How images of beauty are used against women

Ayala Malach PINES (1999) Falling in love - Why we choose the lovers we choose

Joanne FRUEH (2001) Monster | Beauty - Building The Body Of Love

Arthur MARWICK (2004) IT - A history of human beauty

Sheila JEFFREYS (2005) Beauty and misogyny - Harmful cultural practices in the west

Louis TIETJE / Steven CRESAP (2005) Is lookism unjust? - The ethics of aesthetics and public policy implications

Gordon L. PATZER (2008) Looks - Why they matter more than you ever imagined

Jena PINCOTT (2008) Do gentlemen really prefer blondes? - Bodies, behavior, and brains - The science behind sex, love, and attraction

Paul R. ABRAMSON (2010) Sex Appeal - Six ethical principles for the 21st century

Deborah L. RHODE (2010) The beauty bias - The injustice of appearance in life and law

Waarden en relaties

David P. BARASH / Judith E. LIPTON (2001) The myth of monogamy - Fidelity and infidelity in animals and people

Mineko IWASAKI (2002) Geisha - A life

Dossie EASTON / Janet W. HARDY (2009) The ethical slut - A practical guide to polyamory, open relationships, and other adventure (Second edition)

Elizabeth ABBOTT (2010) A history of marriage

Deborah ANAPOL (2010) Polyamory in the 21st century - Love and intimacy with multiple partners

Marianne BRANDON (2010) Monogamy - The untold story [deels samengevat, bewust niet uitgelezen]

Cordelia FINE (2017) Testosterone Rex - Myths of sex, science, and society

Waarden en seksualiteit

Albert MOLL (1912) The sexual life of the child

Margaret MEAD (1928) Coming of age in Samoa - A study of adolescence and sex in primitive societies

Simone de BEAUVOIR (1960) Brigitte Bardot and the Lolita Syndrome

R.H. van GULIK (1961) Sexual life in ancient China - A preliminary survey of Chinese sex and society from ca. 1500 BC till 1644 AD [afmaken]

Martin DE GRAAF (1975) Seks-Kultuur-Politiek - Inventarisatie en analyse van visies op de relaties tussen seksualiteit en samenleving

Alayne YATES (1978) Sex without shame - Encouraging the child's healthy sexual development

Geoffrey PARRINDER (1980) Sexual morality in the world religions

James R. KINCAID (1998) Erotic innocence - The culture of child molesting

Naomi WOLF (1998) Promiscuities - A secret history of female desire

Louise A. JACKSON (2000) Child sexual abuse in Victorian England

Janet JAKOBSEN / Ann PELEGRINI (2003) Love the sin - Sexual regulation and the limits of religious tolerance

George ROUSSEAU (2007) Children and sexuality from the Greeks to the Great War

Sharna OLFMAN (2009) The sexualization of childhood

James McCONNACHIE (2010) Sex - The world's favorite pastime - Fully revealed

Cas WOUTERS (2012) De jeugd van tegenwoordig - Emancipatie van liefde en lust sinds 1880

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