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Kritiek op kapitalisme en economische groei

Ferdinand TÖNNIES (1887) Community and Civil Society (Gemeinschaft und Gesellschaft)

Vance PACKARD (1957) The hidden persuaders - With an introduction by Mark Crispin Miller

Rachel CARSON (1962) Silent spring

E.F. SCHUMACHER (1973) Small is beautiful - A study of economics as if people mattered

William OPHULS (1977) Ecology and the politics of scarcity - Prologue to a political theory of the steady state

Garrett HARDIN (1993) Living within limits - Ecology, economics, and population taboos

Naomi KLEIN (2000) No logo - Taking aim at the brand bullies

Richard HEINBERG (2004) Powerdown - Options and actions for a post-carbon world

Naomi KLEIN (2007) The shock doctrine - The rise of disaster capitalism

Kevin PHILLIPS (2008) Bad money - Reckless finance, failed politics, and the global crisis of American capitalism

Tim JACKSON (2009) Prosperity without growth - Economics for a finite planet

Richard HEINBERG (2011) The end of growth - Adapting to our new economic reality

Diana SCHUMACHER (2011) Small is beautiful in the 21st century - The legacy of E.F. Schumacher

Ben GOLDACRE (2012) Bad pharma - How drug companies mislead doctors and harm patients

Naomi KLEIN (2014) This changes everything - Capitalism vs. The Climate

Joris LUYENDIJK (2015) Dit kan niet waar zijn - Onder bankiers

Naomi KLEIN (2017) No is not enough - Resisting Trump's shock politics and winning the world we need

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